Can someone help me please :)

This rig, i created its very very very very basic… but i’d like to figure out whats going on with the characters upperarm/forearm armature… in pose mode the right arm moves good (stage right) but the left arm is horrible i dont understand theyre both symmetrical… hmmm? can you figure it out :slight_smile: thanks! :evilgrin:

DavidUpgrade.blend (1.07 MB)

Your weight painting is good on the left side but there is none on the right.

you should turn weight painting on to mirror itself on the other side of your character…this would help to keep the weighting symmetrical

yeah, i tried it but it just doesnt do it… i noticed that on the left side it pulls the head too, so i took away all of the weight paint, and it still deforms the head slightly… i think its a problem with the armature? i just cant fix it no matter what i try

I think is a vertex group problem :slight_smile: i’m almost finished fixing it…

Thanks everyone!! :smiley:

Wait 2nd thoughts i have a question… well firstly i would have thought automatic weights would be enough? but the automatic weights dont seem to create any weights for the left arm at all, even the fingers have none, but all the rest of the body have perfect weights… how did this happen?

The only thing I can figure is that the scaling on the left arm bones is different than the right. Why that matters, I don’t know. its not a super complex mesh, you can probably manually paint the right.

And remembe to turn off bone envelopes in the modifer, and have the armature modifier above the subsurf

The eyes don’t follow the head, try parenting them to the head bone. Also, try having the knees be bent slightly so that the IK works smoother.

DavidUpgrade.blend (1.41 MB) here is my update!

He has a problem with his left thumb and pinky :wink:

DavidUpgrade.blend (1.77 MB)

Can you please advise me, what else do i need to full animate this model? :slight_smile:

I know shape key drivers are vital, so i’m in the process of creating them as you can see :slight_smile:
Also i was wondering if anyone has lipsync tutorials?




Try adding a Solidify modifier to either the model or the clothes and notice the arms… i still havent quite figured out the reason, but it means i have to weight paint and everything to do with the arms seperatly :slight_smile:

Hello everyone! Please please please can you help me… i delete my rig and even the arms and created new arms completely :frowning: its still doing the same thing, i even used rigify to rig my character so the rig is perfect and the weights are perfect … so whats the problem with the (stage left) left arm :expressionless: please help i’d be so greatful