Can someone help me recreate this node tree for AN 2.1.6?

I found this video tutorial which showcases the exact problem I had, which is particles not inheriting their animations properly, and playing all at the same time. Problem is, that tutorial was done almost 4 years ago, and AN changed a lot since then, some necessary nodes got removed, and made that tutorial kinda obsolete.

I really don’t know anything about AN, and would take huge and huge amounts of times for me to learn it (which I simply don’t have unfortunately), and pretty much only for this one problem I’m having, so I’m hoping someone who’s more skilled with it could help me out.


(Also if this is not the right category to ask in, and particles would be better, please redirect it)

Edit: I though I should also say that I want to use eevee for rendering, so unfortunately the particle info node wouldn’t be of any use to me, only AN will work.

Edit 2: One more thing I should point out: In the tutorial only a single object is used as a particle, but I’m using a collection of objects, so that’s one more thing I don’t know how to do.