Can someone help me with engraving/carving an object?

Hi there. I’m new in the world of modeling, and right now, I feel I’m already at my limits - because I can’t find a solution.

I have a main body of a cross, and what I want to do is to ‘engrave’ the symbols (meshes) into the cross. Each about 2mm deep.
I used the Boolean mode, but after the fourth symbol, Blender freezes.

On the pictures, you can see the symbols on top of the surface. But I need them engraved/carved INTO the surface. On the backside, there are more meshes, same procedere.
Maybe someone here can help me out.

Kind regards

some options, join the symbols with crl+j and use boolean, or use boolean and apply it before going to the next symbol, make a backup of the file before.

I joined all meshes and then applied boolean, that worked like a charm. But there are issues with two of the symbols. Although they all have the same measurements, they didn’t seem to really do the carving.


I usualy convert the thing to be engraved to a curve and then use the knife project using the curve to project on the main mesh.

Then with the knife project result selected I extrude to the inside!

edit: If you want to engrave/emboss something that is not flat, it is the best way.
Hope it can help