Can someone help me with my object connection relationships?

Ok here is the deal im still Pritty new but here is the pic

click on the table in brick room pic …

ok here is the problem where the wall and floor meet looks bad even the window sill and wall meet too is not good… and the walls and floors dont look that great what can I do to make them more 3D and look more real. any sujsetions … is it how im aplying the texture or how im modeling them. any Idea’s I realy want to be good and push myself. thanks for all the help all.

a bump map (nor) could help :smiley: but i’m not really somone you want to ask when it comes to texturing

Do you see the same problems without textures? Are you using a separate meshes for the walls, floor and window. If you model these elements as a single mesh you won’t see the aliasing artifacts.

Also, you might have a problem with the window & wall if they are separate meshes and some polygons overlap.

ok I got a update for ya’ll to check out…

click the table in brick room 2 pic

I added some lighting and tweaked the floor and added some background in the window… see what ya think

C&C please

ok I put up a 3rd Version CC please thanks