Can someone help me with rendering out to Blu ray?

I have some important questions about this. I just recently saw Sintel. I was able to see it because there was a download link to a Blu ray ISO. It looks incredible. Much crispier and cleaner than watching it on a computer monitor as you guys probably know.

I Googled and searched and there are no clear explanations of anything regarding Blu ray authoring. I’m serious, I looked very hard, and there are thousands of links, but 99% irrelevant.

My basic questions are this. How can I render Blu ray quality and how can I compile it into a movie. what codec, what software and etc. I use Blender (I know how to render to images and how to then re-render into an avi). I also use Premier Elements 12, which allows rendering to Blu ray, but as simple as Premier is, it is not straightforward and I don’t know how to use it correctly.

If you know about, you know, they house alot of the Blender open movies. Both in different formats and also in file by file renders.

Can someone please tell me, what resolution I should look to download (for example Big Buck Bunny) and how can I then get it into a Blu ray format and if possible, please help me understand how I can correctly burn it the way the Sintel Blu ray is, so I can watch it in a player on my TV. Burning a ready made ISO is easy, but putting it together is tough.

There’s no magic to the Blu-ray format, it’s just 1080p video. The quality difference is probably down to bitrate. BRs tend to be authored at much higher bitrates than you’d use for web streaming, and that can make a big difference, especially for animation. Most BR movies will be at 15-30mbps-ish, maybe with spikes up the spec max at 40mbps.

Your only real concern as far as Blender goes is getting your shots to the blu-ray tool at maximum possible quality. There’s nothing particularly tricky or different about this. Just render out to 1920x1080 image sequences, edit, and feed the results to your blu-ray tool. The rest comes down to what exactly you are using to author the blu-ray. What formats it accepts, what encoding options it has, etc.

EDIT: colossal list of Blu-ray titles and their bitrates:

Ok, with you so far. I’m in the process of getting a refund for Premier Elements 12. I highly recommend NOT getting it. So I’m stuck without such a tool. Can anyone recommend the next step for me?

So I went to and downloaded the Sintel trailer png files which are 1080x1920. I’m ready to test burn it to a blu-ray, but how can I do this now with open source software. I’m using Windows 7 and Blender.

…and what if I have a h.264 file that I want to burn?

May I ask why you’re burning these to a blu-ray anyhow? If you just want to watch them on your TV, almost all blu-ray players can also play h.264 files off USB flash drives. There’s not much info on blu-ray authoring because there is very little need for most people to ever actually do it.

If you’ve got image files as source, then you could use ffmpeg to convert them to a high bitrate video file.
If you’re rendering out of Blender’s VSE then you could either try setting a high bitrate (>20 mbps) or use one of the available presets (DNxHD).
In either case, when you’re done with the high bitrate video file you can author using tsMuxeR and burn using ImgBurn