Can someone help me with school project?

I need to finish my reference model till saturday. Model is finished but i dont know how to paint it that it looks similar like on image.

Hi ! Can we look on your project and reference image ?

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Welcome to BA :slight_smile: Does the requirements of your school project allow for someone else to do part of the work, or is this a form of academic dishonesty? We’re happy to help if it’s allowed, but we can’t help you if you’re required to do all the work yourself.

That said, we can happily provide resources, tutorials, and other helpful guides even if we can’t do the actual work.


Hi I am in high school and it is for like representing your city past project. It impacts my grade but i am doing it with 4 more colleagues. I would also mention that I didnt do it by myself. :sweat_smile:

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If this would be public then someone might have a look… but it wound be much smarter to ask a specifc question about what you exactly have problems with…

You know this projects are because you should learn something… cooperation work, research hwo to do something…

If you are only bothered about you grade… then you will learn nothing… and this also will impact…


What you already learnt: you five are bad in communicate and in estimate the work to be done or the progress you had made and so if you could reach the goal… and which parts you may don’t refine any further…

I know you doesn’t want to hear this and it doesn’t help you in thsi situation… but (trust me):

If you doesn’t learn from experience then you doesn’t learn at all.

It doesn’t matter if all the knowlege of mankind is written in books available in libraries or the internet ( hahhhaha) if someone don’t practice to use it by real re-searching it, comparing and trying it… there is a reason why it is called study and not just ask anyone who doesn’t know it also (like some great amount of pages in the internet).

And if you think that i’m just an old guy… no an experienced one…


I can help you, my discord is ritpop#8187, call me there

Hi , I can get this done for you.