Can someone help me with texturing please

I recently started using blender (very new to 3d modeling) because I want to make assets for my friends game in unity. I have a few question hopefully someone can help me out :).
Question 1) When making assets does the render settings such as blender render/cycles render make any difference on the 3d model itself when brought into unity?
Question 2) Can someone please help me figure out why my textures look weird.
My Steps

  1. I create a size that I think looks like a plank.
  2. I add a material(while in cycles render mode) and select the drop down under color and choose: Image Texture.
  3. I go to UV editing mode and select my entire plank model and click unwrap.
  4. I load in my wooden plank texture and then go back to default view.
  5. Is a picture of my Nodes
  6. Picture of regular texture.
  7. Picture of cycles render
    and last is my texture im using.
    So, why does my texture look so bad? and why is it texturing sideways?
  1. short answer: Yes, those 3 render engine have their own way to handle material, so you have to build those material in unity in you want the last render in Unity. You can make the basic preparation in Blender of course, like setting up uv, painting up pic, …

  2. The problem is in your uv unwrap, your unwrapped mesh doesn’t match the orientation of your model. Just rotate it and please learn the basic of uv unwrapping. You will find many video in Youtube.