Can someone help my project?

(SeaCigar) #1

Hello to everyone that reads this, my name is David. I’m having some… complications getting my game to work properly. I’ll post each problem seperately, so I can keep things organised. As a summary though, I’ll list the final problem: I am to build a 3D side scrolling platformer as my the major part of my senior project. The Game is 3D, but runs in a 2D side-scrolling manner. Similar professional games include the Pandemonium and Klonoa series. My next posts will explain my problems. Thanks for your time. and yes, I’m a newbee, and have no clue how to run all the dynamic features of this forum. Hopefully that won’t matter.

(Hos) #2

Hi SeaCigar,

I would recommend re-posting your
questions in the “Realtime Engine”
forum – might get a better
response there. Also, probably
better to ask all of your questions in
one post.


(theeth) #3

it’s ok, I moved your questions to the RealTime forum. You should have more relevent answers there.


(bg3D) #4

nope. no relevant answers here, its a ghost town.

(SeaCigar) #5

Thanks for the redirection :slight_smile:

(SeaCigar) #6

:-? Yeah, You’re probably right that my questions are answered somewhere else on the forum, but with 500+ posts to mull over, all I really wanted was a little direction on where to start… :wink: Ah well. I’ll check them out first, and if I still don’t find anything, I’ll repost my problems together in one post, like suggested by someone earlier…

(saluk) #7

Hehe, check again:)