Can someone help us?

Hello to you all.
Me and my team are developing a 3drpg.
Its all going very well but except for one thing :frowning: the 3d models.
Can someone please help us out with it?

Name: Dragon Crystal The Battle For Freedom
Type:3D Rpg
You are playing for a normal man but one day the mayor of your little village asks you to go to another village nearby to get a package for him.
But when you come back some strange people are in town they are searching for a amulet.
The amulet that you got from you father just before he died but the amulet is actually a key to hell.
They want the amulet so thay are going into a battle with you but you lose and they get the amulet.
A couple of years later you are fully restored from the battle.
And you want to get the amulet back so your journey starts here…

©Dragon Crystal The Battle For Freedom 2006-2007 by tera4d

I didnt post the whole story or else it would be way to long :stuck_out_tongue:
Here is a alpha version:
If you have interest please help us out with this.
And we are also seeking for someone wo can texturize the models.

Tera4d, please note that these forums gets its fair share of what you could call bogus games. Games that do not get off the ground because the people who attempt to start them know squat and want others to make there dream come true.

Would you be able to show us any more information of this project. Maybe some in-game screens, technical details of the game engine design etc.

I know what you mean but this game is already of the ground the link that i included in that folder you can download a test version of the game to play with it.

I will add screens soon.

Details of the engine:
Real time water shaders.
3ds loading
Real time physics (ode physics engine)
Real time lighting
Real time rendering device (opengl)
render to texture
deleD dmf loader
static and dynamic cubemaps
loading resources from compressed archives
DDS(DXT1, DXT3, DXT5) texture support
Actor bone manipulation functions

And much much more

i am a one of the 3d architects involved int his project
tera4d has knowledge in scripting game engines and we have tried many different aprochaes to this, everything will be coded by him, the only thing that is needed are the actual models, we are looking for vaulanters and not presuring this onto anyone

any 1 interested, please drop us a msg

We are searching for someone wo can create low-poly characters.
Suchs as enemy’s npc’s and the player afcourse.

I’ve not the skills you require ('least not to the level you require).I haven’t really used Blender in months, though I might try picking it up again over the holidays (summer is this part f the world, and my school-free days have started).

But I have some questions:

Are you using a pre-made engine? If so, which one? Do you intend to make it cross-platform?

if i remember corectly we are using an engine thats been moded heavely by tera4d, not to sure what engine he based it on

I am using the engine Extreme3D 2.0
It cant be cross platform sorry about that.
Because we are creating it in gamemaker wich requires directx 8 and above and xtreme3d 2 adds a new 3d system to gamemaker wich makes it very powerfull.