Can someone help with creating plant models?

Hi I am rather new to Blender.

I took all the Wiki Tutorials and got as far as the animation part. I was wondering could give any instruction in making plants (eg. the leaves, etc)?


This script might come in handy:

Hope these are of some use:-

Plant studio -

Lsystem(More for trees) -

3D -

I use Plant Studio as mentioned by organic - vrml works best for importing into blender.

Best of Luck!

Thanks everyone for your help. I am rather new to Blender still. I have seen Python Scripts mentioned a lot. I still don’t know what that is or how to use them yet. Forgive my ignorance.

Also, there is method to my madness. I am trying to learn all of this because I am the project manager for a new planet project for Entropia. If anyone is interested in hearing more and may be interested in being involved, send me a PM or email.

Oh, also, I don’t know if anyone would be interested in being part of a new planet project for Entropia. If you would be though, send me a PM.

Quote from the blender wiki:

A script is a program that is written in the Python language which runs within Blender, and calls on Blender routines to create new functionality. Because Python is a popular interpreted programming language, it can be used to extend the functionality of Blender in a wide array of ways. Users all over the world have written hundreds of scripts, and this section of the Blender wiki attempts to catalog and document those scripts, and provide you the user with information on how to use them effectively.’re the wiki pages for scripts, very handy!

Thanks Red. :slight_smile: I assume, I need to install Python? Or is that already in there?

yes you need to intall , go to download and install