Can someone identify the style of the black&white drawings in this image?


in the demo “Metamorphosis” by ASD, at one point some men as well as a zeppelin are shown (see attachment). These drawings are rendered in a very stylized black&white way which somehow seems familiar to me. Unfortunately, I cannot place it.

Edit: The main “thing” about the drawings is the sawtooth transition between light and dark areas. I think I have seen that before.

Does anybody know how this style is called?

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reminds me of this:

Russian constructivist perhaps?

Thanks for your answer! Russian constructivism does not quite fit, I think, as it is more about harsh contrasts and simple shapes than the sawtooth transition between light and dark in a black&white drawing as in the above image. And this specific sawtooth transition is what I’m interested in, as I think I have seen it somewhere before.


Does it need to have a specific name? This sawtooth is/was quite common in woodcut prints, mainly because it’s a relatively easy way to create the illusion of a gradient while carving.

Your answer makes sense. I had observed the parallel hatching in woodcut prints, but not the sawtooth one. And I had a hunch that the sawtooth was associated with a specific artist or artistic direction (which would make searching for other examples of it simpler). But as it often is with hunches, there is nothing behind it:)

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