can someone make me a 3d apple?

i dont know how to use blender…yet.

i will try to learn, but in the mean time, can someone make me an apple? i dont think thats asking too much. an apple should be a simple thing to make…i think. i could use a round red apple. with a stem…and maybe a leaf. with no background. if possible.

All you need is a UV sphere first of all. Add it in front view with maybe 32x32 resolution (this is default). Select the top vertex and turn on the proportional edit tool with a sharp falloff. Go into front view and turn off depth-buffer culling.

Now move the top point down to where you think is appropriate. Hit set smooth too. Now make your stalk using a simple mesh cylinder and bend into shape.

For a leaf, search for the leaf tutorial someone posted recently for exact details. Basically, just add a photo of a leaf with an alpha channel edge as a texture to a plane.

For the apple surface, you can use a photo texture but I prefer a procedural. Add a stripey texture mapped using spherical projection and a blend texture plus a stucci bump to distort the reflection.

Here’s one I made earlier:

I posted the blend somewhere else on the forum but I recommend you try yourself first. Good luck.

I don’t know why these threads keep coming up. %|

This may sound rood, but it is the truth. Either you learn how to use blender or you pay someone to make what you want. Very few people, especially ones with any skills, are not going to give out freebies.

are you freaking serious, rood, are you even trying. you have skill with modeling, but rood, oh my freaking god, i’m going to pull one of my legs off, rood, i have been tired, sooo tired that i couldnt even type but this is insaine! rood, oh hell no!

you will now be know as rood to me, and i will call you by no other name. please everyone join me, tracer shall now be known as rood!

Go easy on .:[email protected]:. Wu.
We have all typed a wrong word or two in here.

Big_Apple your best bet is learn the tools and make it yourself.

stop being wuud wu


no sir i will not go easy!

i believe for split second his brain made him believe that rude was spelled rood.

this is unacceptable to me.

i could pass off some spelling errors but this is going to far, he thought i wouldn’t see it or that i wouldn’t catch it. i am insulted because of this.

do you know when somone has had a beard for a very long time, and then they shave it all off one day and they have that sickly “scared of death” look on their face. the look like they just walked out of the woods and saw something very scary. this was my reaction to seeing rude spelled rood.

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are you freaking serious, rood, are you even trying. you have skill with modeling, but rood, oh my freaking god, i’m going to pull one of my legs off, rood, i have been tired, sooo tired that i couldnt even type but this is insaine! rood, oh hell no

I love spelling flames :slight_smile: but a real problem arises when you make spelling errors in them… “insaine” ???

And what’s with the lower case “i” when referring to yourself? Shouldn’t it be a capital, especially when playing the grammar card? A capital at the start of each sentence and an apostrophe in “couldn’t” wouldn’t go astray either. Oh, and where I come from, modelling has two L’s … but lets not get into a geographical spelling war eh?

That said, can I suggest to the original poster that it might be wise to give some indication as to what the model is for? How will it be used? Is there profit involved? Is it for a school project? Do you want to animate it, put it on a background, produce a three metre high billboard? Do you want real and photographic or cartoony? Do you want a red or a green apple and should it be shiny or dull? Do you want a blend or a render?

Oh, and one last suggestion for future reference: don’t tell people how easy it will be for them to model something you can’t make yourself. Even if it truly is easy, it’s demeaning and devalues other people’s skills. Interested people will decide if it’s easy or not and don’t need to be told. As for whether it’s asking too much, that too is for others to decide. The man down the road from me sells fuel at $1.30 a litre and thinks he’s not asking too much. I, on the other hand, have a somewhat different opinion.

andyd, I am not talking about your oops i forgot to capital a letter of that i spelled insaine wrong, and which i will keep doing, i’m talking about respect.

i do not feel respected when someone types rood instead of rude. maybe you like being tea bagged all day and night by this is crossing the line to me. if someone has all the letters right, or almost all the spelling right ok, you can atleast understand the jibberish coming out of their mouth.

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anyone who thinks i’m being serious should be tea bagged, haha

Wow, are you serious Wu? *

<I don’t like Lectures>
Modeling or modelling an apple is so fricking easy. If you can’t model an apple, you do need serious help (and perhaps change your name from Big_Apple to Little_Wiener (those are even easier to model)). But just give it a try yourself, you’ll get there eventually.
</I don’t like Lectures>

Nah, in dutch ‘rood’ means this:


  • I like tea

Firstly, I don’t really know you Wu so I’m going to try and be impartial and view this line of discussion based on what you have written. Just as you no doubt look at what others write and form opinions :smiley:

Okay, so you don’t like it. That’s fine, nothing wrong with that.

I’m confused. Are you saying that if you were to spell words wrongly, then somehow you’d receive a special concession for doing so? Perhaps you think you would be immune to criticism for bad spelling?

Also, what do you mean “he thought I wouldn’t see that” ?

From what I can see, [email protected] wrote his line almost a whole 2 hours before you replied. What makes you think anyone would deliberately spell a word wrongly? And in addition, what makes you think a wrongly spelt word would be directed at you personally?

The fact you are insulted by a small spelling error made almost 2 hours before your reply is quite frankly shocking and a little over-reactive.

Using what I’ve learned from your comments thus far regarding bad spelling, I shall now echo them in return.

I am offended that you would spell the word dam all wrong. A dam is something that holds back water and occasionally lets some through. The fact you have deliberately chosen in your mind to ignore correct spelling, has me fuming (hehe, not really LOL (oops, I used a LOL, is that bad?))

It’s DAMN. As in, “To be damned to hell.”

Anyway, back on topic. I think Big_Apple should just load up blender and start playing with the tools.

If Blender’s modelling tools seem a little strange, I can recommend Wings3D. I made my first apple in Wings3D and found it quite easy to do with Wings3D’s AutoUV mapping tools.

Good luck Big_Apple and post your efforts in here for some good old fashioned crits & comments.

(ps. I don’t mind bad spelling at all. We all make typos, and most replies are made in a short and quick manner to keep conversations flowing.)

It’s only words, what matters is that the correct meanings are interpreted :smiley:

Peace all.

Someone on this board should stop whining, make me an animation and get me truck loads of green!

BTW, Big_Apple.
Here’s a nice apple tutorial for you.
The trick is not in the model but in the texture.

Lol, it’s so funny when people take Wu seriously.

I mean… this is Wu:

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People want customizable hotkeys, customizable UI, cusomizable customization : maybe we should have customizable posts to suit everyone and their mother.


But Wu’s funny still.



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(Typos on purpose just incase you’re wondering)

Apples are easy, I’d have to say that was the first model I ever made. Textures well… Hmm, have fun :D.

Lol Sago, you colour blind?
That’s more like “roze” (pink) to me :]

Pfff, I guess in your eyes everything is pink.

Here is tutorial of that will be useful to you in your quest for the apple. :slight_smile:

This one is going nowhere.