Can someone model me a monster, please?

Last summer I started pre-production on a short film, I planned to have have a monster in it so I learned to use Blender. We have shot (and rough edited) the short film and I am about to start work on the monster in Blender - while I could model it myself it wouldn’t be very good (I would cover it with a lot of smoke, dust etc. in the final composite).

So what I’ve been hoping is that there might be someone out there who would be happy to model (texture and rig?) a monster for me? Or maybe someone who already has a monster they would be willing for us to use?

The design is fairly open, it just needs to be big and scary!

I can’t pay, but I can offer a copy of the film when it’s done and you won’t be forgotten if it gets entered into any film festivals/competitions. It will also be a good to get your work seen by a lot of people & should look great on a showreel!


I hope you change your mind about paying…

I can make you an awesome monster for $200 CAN

my website

i can make you a more awesome monster for $ 3000 US

wanna make a monster for me for $ 1000 ?

I’m open to a business opportunity if you are. :wink:

I’m sorry if your thread blows up and some people say some terrible things later today. But really, it’s probably best if you read the sticky before posting things like this.

I need some plumbing work done, but I can’t pay…want to do it for me? You should! I mean…it’s a good experience for you - and you’ll become better at plumbing!

I apologise! I wanted to see if I’d get any interest before I posted more information/still etc. - I read a few other posts looking for help on here that have a lot of information but no replies.

SeanJM: Thank you for the offer, I am really considering paying someone, I will see what funding I have and can get and may be in contact in the next few days.

When you put it like that, I could argue that I’m giving a 3D modeller my film making skills for free…

I partially rigged up, and dirty animated this monster.

(yeah I like the view ratio of this youtube going up . . .)

i laugh.
ha. ha. ha.

unless you cough up some dough, you ain’t getting any monster.
you have no track record here.
no one wants a “learning experience”, unless it’s at pixar or dreamworks.
it’s much more fun and productive to choose what you “learn” yourself.

(meaning you might as well leave)

I understand that, I was hoping that someone may already have a model they wouldn’t mind being used. I realise I will probably have to pay for one, but I figured there is no harm in asking though, maybe I should ask where I might look into paying for a basic model instead? Or would you recommend I spent the extra time and built one myself?

For one you don’t want to pay for, that someone “wouldn’t mind” you using, have you looked around model repositories for the kind of thing you are after?

I’m not brushing you off here. Take a look at the Colbert challenge as completed by Weirdhat… a rush job done in Blender using a borrowed model from
I want you to understand why people give you short answers to your kind of request.

It’s not elitism or anything like that… it’s more that you have no idea on what (or how much) you’re actually asking. There is a cost: when they accept your assignment and your goals get bigger and bigger (why not? isn’t costing you to expand your project… all good practise for the lucky artist right?), it costs them when you aren’t happy with anything and give them a “mediocre” reference of the final job (just being honest to the next employer eh? Betcha don’t mention you’re complaining about “free” offerings when you mention how they refused to do XY or Z).

I am largely out of work and struggling to get my feet into the industry. It does not mean I’m unbusy (btw: this is the first mistake people like you always make… that I will do your work because I have oodles of time). I give conferences on Open Source (mainly Blender) and work with schools where, say, the teacher has tried to teach Blender, found themselves in the “too deep - didn’t know the program was so complex we just wanted 12 shots of a semi realistic walking cat”, and then finally offers to hire me as a relief teacher until their project succeeds. (Did I mention I’m also a fully registered teacher here in NZ?)

I have another company I reguarly work in 3D for. They run holiday programmes which involves teaching Blender. It pays well while I’m teaching (like it pays anyone) but because I’m the one who knows Blender fairly well, it’s me the course gets landed on in terms of making brand new “never been done before” lesson plans each time… all largely voluntary because they consider the pay to be the course when it runs (I might get asked to make a lesson plan for a small amount, but then of course, the extra resources needed which take weeks don’t get considered). What really slots me off is that the company, getting their freebies, just books in all these kids and slams them into the same class… 1/3 students who have come back several times and really know their stuff together with 2/3 of complete newbies; really does my head in. I’ve tried for the past few years to convince them to separate the courses so I don’t have to reinvent the beginner basics every single time (they want the same activity but with all new different 3D models) and they agree… but only agree. Everytime we start a new course, their bookings are the same, and I’m the one stuck in front of class.

Why? Simply: it’s my reputation (as a teacher) on the line to make it work for them, and it ain’t costing them anything to ignore what I’ve recommended to make things go smoother because they are the boss (except that I won’t be staying with them for much longer if they keep it up).

Recently they asked me if I wouldn’t mind (voluntary) rigging just a few bits and pieces (another new modeler with Maya experience was going to make tentacles, wheels and odds and ends). I said sure, doesn’t sound too much. I ended up getting emailed a complete character mesh which had been professionally modeled (by someone I happen to know) years back as a mass project when he’d run into them. Took me 3 days to rig it!!!

I bet you forgot to mention this scary monster of yours needs rigging right? I mean… of course you want it to move. Can’t be that hard… we as humans do it all the time. Look - I can move my arm… just make the monster do that?

Yeah the director was surprised the rig took 3 days. On the other hand, their brand new Maya modeller was blown away by my rig when he saw it… he was surprised that I could have done it (full IK/FK switches the lot) in that time at all!

They’re still not paying any for those 3 days though. They didn’t think it would take any time. (sucker!)

Did I mention they want to copyright my free work to them?

But yeah… I know I’ve babbled, though I do feel for you when you ask for “just a model”. I sometimes even accept such challenges… if I have time (I have seminars to prepare for now though). Last time I volunteered to rig someones character, they then showed me the character (after I’d said I’d see what I could do). To be honest, it was kind of basic looking and I did have to reshape a lot of the geometry because the edgelooping was just bad. And then they kept posting me asking for project reports / updates.

It’s not that people are being elitist when they refuse (you didn’t say that by the way, though I would understand if it’s what you’d think when people don’t help)… it’s more that you have no idea how big a task of “just” making a model (and maybe rigging it, and maybe writing usage instructions etc) actually is.

Most of use have seen how fast “quickie” projects explode.

EDIT: should probably mention my job for the past weeks; I’ve been doing demolition. You know - sledgehammer and knocking down walls. A few cousins of mine have this Salvage firm and call me when they need more workers. I like doing it, though each day I’m aware I’m not furthering my 3D portfolio. It’s not really “me” (I’m a light build) though I have a fiancee (no date set) and she has a five year old boy, so I simply gotta do whatever I can to make ends meet. I told the afore mentioned company that I would not do certain XYZ extra hand outs (for free) in order to do this paying (non 3D) work.

Joining a team of even starting my own company for Modeling / Rigging / Animating in 3D (especially in Blender) is the dream.

None of the above is fiction. Thought you might want some insight into why the short responses. Good luck though… keep posting as you need.

Here is the best explanation of these issues that I’ve seen so far:
What’s happened here is that you’ve run afoul of the artist’s biggest pet peeve: people asking them to work for free. I hope you find a model you can use, but you’ll probably need to assume a different approach.

Thank you for your replies. I’ve come from a film where actors, locations, crew, script editors, music, editors have all been free (except expenses - food and travel) some I had met before, some I hadn’t. I was about to start work on a model myself, when I thought maybe I should see if someone will help me, I mean; I had worked with people on other aspects of the film. I guess I was naive before and, yeah, possibly didn’t realise quite how much work and time goes into a model.

I have a few months left in post-production, I will attempt, as I originally planned, to create my own model. If this fails, I will look for someone to help and I’ll make sure I have a budget.

Sorry for wasting your time and, again, thank you for your responses.

You haven’t wasted anyone’s time. This is a forum. What you’re asking is fine (I sometimes work on volunteer basis) but we’re pointing out that no one likes to give freebies when…

  • They have had a string of exposure seeking freebies and are simply looking to pay the next rent. (Oh, and as for "survival of the fittest… that is why professional prices are so high… animators / modelers etc need to cover themselves for the times between jobs!)
  • The boss (or person able to call the shots) is in a dream world, blissfully unaware of how much work is involved with each new suggestion or change of plan they come up with.

PlantPerson Thanks for that link - I was looking for it some time ago.

@ Lancer,

Yep NZ is the land of slave wages and can you do it for free while I make money off your hard work type of country, Sidhe interactive were looking for people here’s there link they are in Wgtn region.

Thanks Sudai. I know those guys. I would have to upgrade my portfolio from last time I showed them (and that was some time back). I’ve been so busy doing educational odds and ends (plus learning to convert all my Maya rigging knowhow to Blender equivalents, which is no small task) that the old portfolio has suffered. Last time I spoke to one of the big guns from Sidhe he said that my reel was “good” for a student reel but he’s like to see one further down the line of my “best of” stuff.

Try Google and Turbosquid. Blender can import lots of different formats.

@ Lancer

Screw the voluntary stuff man focus on your demo reel, all my old Light Wave stuff is way to old and I have to get up to speed again, I’m focusing on a demo reel with all my spare time so I can send apps out .

Lancer, have you ever though about this idea. Leave your apartement, go to the nearest lake, setup a tent. In the morning you fish food for the day. Like 3 fishes. Then you put some salt on them and let them lay in the shadow of a a tree.

After you have done that, you go into a library and use their computers to play around with blender. You use a usb and put all your models on it. Then you go back to your tent, there you can practise your drawing skills and eat your fish. Then go to sleep and look at the stars…no stupid work for money.

What do you think?:smiley: