Can someone paint my building please? (File included)

I tried over and over again to paint my building [BROWN].
But I’m just not good enough. If you do manage to paint
it brown, can you please tell me how you did it?
[Dark Brown], paint the entire building please.
I would do it myself, but I don’t know how.
I’ve looked at the tutorials online but they aren’t helping.

I’ve included the file.


untitled.blend (1.17 MB)

Just add a brown material to each object


untitled.blend (1.2 MB)

just add a brown material to the pieces. select one cube, change teh diffuse color to brown. select all peices, press CTL-L -->> materials ( this makes the material the same for them all) and done.

To be able to paint your model, you need it to be unwrapped and have a texture assigned to it in the UV/Image Editor.
Your .blend does not have an UV and does not have a texture assigned to it, that’s why you can’t paint it.

As an alternative to painting it you can just give it a material, and change the color that by default is white to a dark brown.

But you should join every single piece of your model together if you don’t want to have to assign that material to the bunch of individual pieces (select all the individual models, press CTRL+J or Object -> Join).

Then once you have added a material (and changed the color to dark brown) , you can then go in Edit Mode, and press P -> “By Loose parts” to un-join all those pieces if you need them to be separate models.

edit : i was slower than usual, i got insta-posted by 2 people :smiley:

You guys make it look soo easy!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

Thank you for the links. I just didn’t know how to select all the small objects. I pressed A and thought I selected it all… I guess I had to press Ctrl J or Ctrl l after. it worked!

One last question. For the camera, there is a button that says Panorama, if I click this button and render my animation.
Is the camera going to add in the fish-bowl effect for the view?