Can someone please explain Face Corners attribute domain? [Solved]

Imagine there is some attribute mapped to Face Corners, and I access it using Field at Index node. What index will mean in this context? Is it index of a vertex inside a face (0,1,2), index of a vertex inside entire mesh, or index of a face? In other words, can I use, for example, Field at Index [0] to get a position of each vertex which is first inside a face’s definition?

From the docs:

Face Corner domain attributes are associated with the corners of the faces of the mesh. An example is a UV map attribute.

Since uvmaps can have split seams, they use the face corner domain instead of the vertex domain. This means that each vertex may contain many face corners, depending on the topology.

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Hmm, so the “Face” in this situation means any polygon, not nessessary a triangle?

Judging by my tests, it treats faces as polygonal. Well, this complicates things