Can someone please explain shape keys?

Can someone please explain shape keys?

  1. Which mode do I enter shapes- Object or edit mode?
  2. Particularly- How do I ‘drive’ shapes?
  3. Blah…info needed!

Any help would greatly be appreciated.


here shapes info

shapes are only diferent position vertex of same mesh (RVK)

whit shapes, you can switch each key, look it with wiegths of diferent shapes or a shape only (pin) and you can view 3 objects, each one a diferent key, and once “real” o “normal”

if you are selected a shape mesh, selected a number of shape (examplo the two) and into edith mode, modifi ONLY this shape. exit edith mode.

i’m sorry my ugly english.


A nice new option to use is “Insert one-to-one curve” (press I-key, or in pulldown menu). This will also zoom the display in exactly to fill the window, allowing easy edit. If you use this option with degrees, it will map 180 degree rotation to a range of 1.0 unit.