Can someone please explain to me why Blender fails?

(Distraught) #1

Seems logical that if there is an option in a program to save as DXF, you had better make sure that that DXF is what the rest of the planet uses. Also seems quite logical to make sure that if you include a save option for OBJ, or VRML that it too works in the real world.

Whats the point in wasting your time in developing a broken software? Its quite obvious, and will not deny it, that Blender has some kickin possibilities, but i would not waste a moment adding another verbose, and undocumented feature before correcting an existing problem. That is failed logic.

I just spent a week attempting to save ANY file from Blender other than a .blend that includes UV. Blender is NOT up to the task. Wings3D on the other hand is quite able to do so. Odd really. Blender has more features. Its confusing. Why bother to include the ‘option’ to make a pretty shape with UV if it will NEVER work? Where’s this super-cool script that will export it without creating an error? Scripts - uuugh, i wont even express my true opinion about the scripts. Only that it would be logical, nice, brilliant, convenient, and otherwise human to include a new button in Blender to access the hundreds of scripts out there. Then leave it to those who wrote the scripts to update them as necessary with EVERY new Blender release. DUUUH!

Blender is the greatest, and the worst. Love it. Hate it. :x

(OTO) #2

Can you explain to me why so much …violence in the world???

Shut down your computer, go out, walk a bit, inspire deeply


Once i need some 3DS textured characters!
So i’ve started the GREAT blender and export as DXF.
When i’ve opened the model in Milkshape, woahhh?? thousands of extra faces, Blender added a extra central vertice conected to all the others.
Well, now i export as DXF open the file in Crossroads (same problem) convert it to 3DS, open in Animator8 (the only soft who can remove the extra vertice without prejudice) and finally get a good 3ds.

Now to skinning in Milkshape is really a pain (ah Blender) so I open the model in LithUnwrap and do the UV job and get back the model to Milkshape to the animation job (to use in 3DGS game engine)

Simple, han???

Yes life is not perfect ( and this is really a beautiful story, with
a moral final) :slight_smile:


(cohort) #3

hey distraught, instead of coming in here and ranting like a ninny, why don’t you go over to and actually HELP the developers implement what you want implemented… Silly, no?

(Rob) #4

Because thats the way it is.

chill out.


(Distraught) #5

Dont be so sensitive. The things I commented on are stupidly obvious. There is no ‘violence’ in my tone, im a long way from needing to ‘chill’, and i have no desire to program. Please read my post again.

(cohort) #6

This is what I was referring to. What the developers are doing is making it better/easier to do what they want it to do. Not what you want it to do. That’s because they can’t look into your brain and figure it out on their own. Want a feature? Go tell em.