Can someone please help me create a futuristic LOGO for my website?


I am looking for someone to graciously help me out with creating a futuristic logo for my website. The name of my company is “The Oceano Group”. The main component of the business name is OCEANO which is latin for ocean. For example Richard Bransons company is really THE VIRGIN GROUP but he only has VIRGIN as his main visual for the myriad of businesses he currently owns.

I would like to create something classy, but futuristic as well. I am trying to create a futuristic feel for my company. The color palette I have chosen for my business is WHITE, CHROME, and CYAN BLUE (Contemplating whether I should change it to the color that TRON had in the movie).

If you are interested in helping me out i would greatly appreciate it. Please message me if you have any other questions or concerns.


Are you wanting something like this?

Or like this?



Hope this helped!