Can someone please help me making my website look right in different browsers?

Hello, i need some help makeing my website look the same in firefox(or other browser) as it does in internet explorer. I guess its because the way the padding is done (other browsers than internet explorer expand the areas to fit in the padding where IE puts the padding inside the box) I would like my boxes to always stay the same width (as they do in ie) But how do you fix that? Also the fonts are alot different looking, but that might not be fixable.

In internet explorer is how i would like it to look like

heres my site:

thanks heaps, oh and ignore the bit of code at the end, the webhost puts that in, dont know why though.

Use a strict doctype. Design for standard compliant browsers and then fix it for IE (it doesn’t work the other way around).

Use Dreamweaver - problem solved. :slight_smile:

Quoted in agreement.

Can’t be quoted enough, it’s so important.

One standard compliant browser that’s nice to develop in is Firefox. To make IE behave, you might want to look at this site, especially at this section.

To learn about positioning page elements with CSS, this is very nice, and this also. Actually, just read all of those tuts on there. :slight_smile: