Can someone please make me a model of the flight 93 memorial?

Can a skilled blender artist please make a model for me of the flight 93 memorial?

Here are some reference images of it, also, there are a lot of other images of it available online.

Hello, i can give it a try.

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Hi, i can do this in a couple of days. I worked in 3d for 7 years. Feel free to contact me if the job is still open.

Automatic translation by Bing translator (MicroSoft):
yes yes yes I criticize the ideas and not people as you correct. that is, such architectures have long been popular in giant Brazil. A certain or some Nemeyer, if he is still alive, will give you the fullest in your dreams. Or the game stalker from Ukraine there is “BRAIN BURNER”. You’ve probably missed both.

Edit: This was a reply to a post in Russian that is no longer present.

I’m not accusing LBJ. Rather advising the generous and helpful people (hopefully many members here are) to ask appropriate questions and require appropriate answers about the project your work is for.

Asking for and receiving help is an important part of a forum like this. However, I find it suspicious when numerous requests for free work appear with no supporting information. People who consider doing such free work should ask for more information in these cases (numerous unexplained requests). For example, why don’t you find something among the nearly infinite free models on the web, why don’t you make the model, what are you using all this free stuff for, are you making money with these items, will I be given credit for my work, etc.

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