Can someone please make me a relatively low-poly version of this wristwatch?

Can someone please make me a relatively low-poly version of this women’s gold wristwatch?

Try to keep the poly count within a few thousand tris.

First prototype, just to try how far i could get in one hour… no clock face, no fastener, no mats: Watch 576 faces unsubdiv, Wrestelement 62 faces, … mirrored 1 level subdivided arrayed in blender. For export: 11000 faces, 22000 tris in total…

For what is it?

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It’s for an in-game item mod for the PC video game Fallout 4 and Skyrim Special Edition.

Could you connect the two bends instead of being flat? It’s supposed to fit on the game character’s wrist.

Okay here is Wristwatch with ~10k faces ~20k tris using decimate to half this in render…

You may have to play arround with the overlapping UVs from wrist and watch… annd maybe decimate to you liking… here’s the finale model:WristWatchDecimated.blend (554.5 KB)

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But could you please make it so that it’s not as wide?

It needs to neatly fit the character’s wrists in Fallout 4 and Skyrim, so it needs to more or less of an O shape instead of an oval.

You might need to remove some of the band segments and/or make the fastener not as long.

Okay (should have done this before finalising), i used a lattice and lattice modifier to round it on the vertex group wrist. Added watch and fastener as v-group to move them into right position and scaled the fastener by 0.8 on Y. Found an unused internal ring (maybe useful to model some more). In the lattice are middle points selected which i used… so now you can change it to your likeing by yourself… (Don’t forget to apply modier fro export…)WristWatchDecimatedMod.blend (592.6 KB)

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Okidoki to the rescue once again. Legend.