Can someone please make me this house?

Can a skilled blenderer please make me a good-looking model of this house?

Something like this?


Okay… while i had fun with the backyard, the rain barrel, finding the door, the wood boarding… i was wondering (in general for thoose kind of wishes):

What specifications do the asker think is good?

The model in this state does have some basic UV-map, a little geo-splitting for example for the window glass but no glass material yet and no divides window slides. And the balustrades does differ… Made a quick UV projection with the given image… (but of course the wires and bushes do disturb the material texture…) And i also didn’t bother to recreate the camera setup with fspy for more than a single attempt.

So have fun with it.

HUTb_04.blend (257.2 KB)

Thanks! Here is the other side of it, and the back of it.