Can someone please make me this machine?

Can someone please make me this machine pictured below?

Don’t go crazy on the poly count, try to keep it around 30-40K.

It looks like an old industrial water/sewage pump.

What are you going to use it for? Any more references or sources? Would help if someone wants to take a go at it.

Unfortunately those are the only reference images that I have.

Why don’t you make it yourself? Serious question.

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There is like a 100 other similar machines that I have to make of varying complexity.

Outsourcing this work to someone else will speed things up.

You don’t “have to make” one hundred similar machines. You simply want to. “Have to make” implies you are doing this work for someone else? Are you asking people to do work for free that you are being paid for?

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This is my own personal project and not a commission.

What’s the project? I’m curious.

Then there is no time constraint nor any need to speed things up. Take advantage of the limitless time. Learn to make things yourself. There is zero advantage in a personal project in having other people do the work for you.

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The turbine hall from the Port Richmond generating station in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

It’s a now-abandoned coal power plant that was built in 1925 and abandoned in 1984.