Can someone please rig this mechanical squid?

Can someone please fully rig and articulate this mechanical squid?

Each one of it’s tentacles needs to be able to bend, and it’s claws open and close.

High poly model, you computer will die animating this. Also the tentacle has modifiers on them and they have not been converted to mesh. This model is not ready to be rigged.

It’s for posing, not animation.

Did not rig the tail, someone else can finish it.

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And yet… in a very short time… you did it!


Hi, I’m willing to rig if you are ok with me displaying it in my demo.

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Sure, that’s fine.

Hello sir, do you have your version of the rigged file? can you please share it again. The link is not working anymore. I’m doing the tail and looking to save some time.

Are you asking to include my work into your demo?



Sorry, I didn’t think it through. I had no intentions as such , now that you pointed it out, I understood, it was very wrong of me to ask.
Sincere apologies.

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Unfortunately, I may not be able to complete it. Something came up. I rigged the tail vaguely. I will post it tomorrow. May someone else can rig the front legs. Although I will finish and use it in demo later in which case,I will post that file again. Please tell me the modellers name.

Tail rig only, I may send another version if i finish it. But i’m not sure when.

Cool! Thanks!

Can you pose it like this?

But… you… posed it like this.

I’m confused.

“Can someone please do this?”

That isn’t my model, it’s a different model that someone made of the same thing that I just used as an example of how I want it posed.