Can someone please run a render with GTX GPU on this file of mine? (The tea is on me)

Hello I am considering buying a graphics card GeForce GTX 760.
I have just started cycles and like it enough to know I want and can benefit professionally from more use.
Both my computers my personal laptop and my office Desktop cannot GPU render though.

I did a CPU render on the following (on my outdated laptop) that took 2h+55’ …
Can someone please run this with a 5XX , 6XX, 7XX -preferably the GTX 760, and post the render time, so I know for sure this buy is worth it?
This is the file link
Please run with the saved settings , for comparison, even if they are not ideal in your opinion.

Btw you are welcome to use the teapot,cups and the carafe which were made by me from scratch. Below is a photo of the result.

GTX 680 4GB OC

Rendertime with the settings from your file: 5 min 59 sec

However, when rendering on the GPU you wouldn’t use such a tiny tile size…
Rendertime with tiles set to 256 x 256: 3 min 42 sec

I have a 780 ti SC, a 660 ti SC, and a 660 ti.

There wasn’t a wood texture image packed with the file, so I substituted a wood image texture just for the sake of simulation. The one other difference to your settings was to change the block size to 256x256, since GPUs usually do a little better with larger than 64x64.

4 min 38 sec (660ti SuperClocked)
1 min 45 sec (780ti SuperClocked)
0 min 47 sec (all three cards at once)

Hope this helps.

Hi, I have a EVGA GTX 760 4 GB:

Tiles 256x256
05:05.45 Minutes

Cheers, mib.

Asus (?) gtx 560 2 gig

set to 256x256 tiles ( I probably wouldn’t have changed that doh not an expert)

set to 64x64 it was 8:8:52

just for the fun of it run it on cpu as well AMD octcore 4 gig with 32 gig ram
set tiles back to 64 time was 24:55:89

guess my rig isn’t as shabby as I was thinking lol
hope its of help to you

GTX 650 ti
9:23 with your settings
7:12 with 256x256

I have 4:15:33 on the EVGA GTX 760 4GB with 256x256.

Ubuntu 12.04 and a native Blender build.

thank you all, very much. I now know what it’s worth.

  • Christos

And just I made the decision to go for Gigabyte GTX760/ 4GB … I noticed my candidate office computer is slimline and a regular PCI card won’t fit…
I am seriously considering cutting a hole in the box…

go for it !! case modding is fun
just make sure its safe from the odd knock :wink:


out of curiosity, what is your os ? I currently use old Ubu 32bit and on the same card, different make, have 7:something at best (256x256) on recent blender build. AMD Athlon™ 64 3500+.

@csimeon Saw your request kind of late… Good luck on upgrade and modd!

win 7 pro
what drivers are u running?

heddheld, thanks for the data. Not at the pc atm, but i think some month or so old nvidia stuff.
As i said i’m temporarily on pretty old Ubuntu 32bit install due to winter laziness and low vitamin level ;). Seeing your time was a bit surprise; guess i need to bring back my 64 bits asap :).

Edit: It was v. 331.20 on

wouldn’t have thought a 32 bit op sys would have an impact on a gpu render
but I’m not an expert (heck I keep playing with Linux then run back to windoze lol)

hope you get it sorted and up to speed !!

Haha ! just installed a GigaByte GTX760 OC 4GB

Installed on an office computer : ASRock motherboard with an i5 “Lynnfield” @2.66 GHz. Before the GPU installation the CPU rendered at 36min (much better than the Pentium @1.33 GHz = 2h+55min… of my laptop)

GPU Rendering :
64X64 —> 6min+05.35"
256X256 —> 3min+32.10"

A few days later and 290 euros lighter… I’ve come a long way from the 175 minutes —> 3.5 mins!!

Thank you all for helping me make my choices.