Can someone please smooth out the areas I have highlighted on this tank?

Can someone please seamlessly smooth out the areas that I have highlighted in red on this tank to make it look like the real-life photos of the tank? Particularly where the circular sections border with the rest of the chassis?

Return the color back to green once done.!Ansq7V5Mt2BrgRwVz8USUuM-Ues0

you want the exact same thing as the tank

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Yeah, smooth the round out the edges I have highlighted, without creating any ngons.

Take a very close look at the upper-front area photos of the real tank where the chassis meets the turret.

Also, here is a post I made here on this forum explaining another problem I have with the tank.

A user, carbon fiber, fixed this for me, but only on the left side, and while he was working on it, I continued working on the tank and made major changes that couldn’t be appended.

i’m done with the model and the smoothing of what you ask

But it looks like the mesh is kinda messed up like the geometries aint ryt

will send the file

Good job, but the left side seems to have been enlarged and is clipping through the two round engine exhaust pipes.

Could you make it the same size as from in original tank shown in the third picture on the bottom of this page?

sure i will do just that

done fixing the issue
so the problem was, i thought the geometry was symmetrical so i smoothed one side and then symmetrised it to the other side
but its ok now

Looks great! But can you please smooth out the entire circle, and not just the front?

There is also a circular part on the back-right of the tank that should be smoothed.

I have it highlighted here.

Sorry I didn’t mention this before.

ok, will do just dah

Looks great! But could you please fix this crease?
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Ok sure but i actually have a problem with the model itself.

the geometries aint right and its making it difficult to smooth out the edges but i will try and figure somthing out

Okay, thank you.

I am not a professional 3D artist, I’ve only been using blender for a little over a year now, which is why my models sometimes have awkward geometry and bad topology.

Please bear with me.

Also, there is another cylindrical part on the back-right of the tank that also needs to be slightly blended in with the rest of the chassis, but not the entire circle, only the half section that I have highlighted here.

Watch the surrounding planes and be careful not to cause any ngons or nonplanar surfaces.