Can Someone please tell me what happened? Please Help

Green Jeep (3).blend (1.54 MB) I attached the file of my project it is a jeep but when I added the bones something I did put the wheels out of place. Can someone please find out what happened?

The Post Below.

Before you added the bones did you center the Mouse cursor to the Object [Shift+S],Cursor to Selected in edit mode?

If not delete the bones and do the above. When switching back to Object mode when adding bones press [Shift+S], Selection to Cursor unless Orgin is already set.

Afterwards for fine tweakin & aligning you must go into edit mode & align on x,y,z Axis if more aligning is needed .

After All of the above is done you must press [Ctrl+A] Location, again [Ctrl+A] Rotation & Scale.

Other ways are possible if you are working with the Logic editor & python in depth.

I hope this helps Goodluck.

You’ve added a whole bunch of keyframes, and there are a lot of strange parenting relationships here that I’m having a bit of trouble reverse-engineering. Additionally, it looks like you’ve done something that has changed those front wheel bones’ rest pose location. If you go into edit mode on the armature, you’ll see that they remain in the same place. The wheels just follow them wherever they go, so that is now the default location for those wheels. I think you need to take a few steps back and re-align everything without the rig. Then get the rig working the way you want it to before you attach all the car parts to it. It’s rarely a good idea to start controlling a mesh with an incomplete rig. Do a google search or browse around; there are a number of good car rigs out there that you could use as examples.