can someone post tutorial to create realistic rotating blades for heli?

i got around ipo. but i cant get the real look of fast spinning blades.
tried to do it with nodes but cant get around it. pls help

have a look at a model i did for airplane

is it what your talking about ?
otherwise the computer is no fast enough to show high speed on screen !
so need to simulate this effect

happy 2.5

something like that- but more towards the effect that its blurry and the blades are smudge and moving slow

you got a pic showing your effect
may be there a way to simulate this ?


how about using motion blur? It takes some render time but that should work, right?

that might work can you upload a sample file

i can try to get an prop model if needed


You can’t get realistic helicopter blades out of Blender. I only say this because I have spent many hours trying. I ended up using CCWide Time effect in After Effects.

Blender’s motion blur is very low quality and not worth the wait.

Why not just fake it??? One set of main blades, then maybe 6 sets of secondary blades, offset a few degrees from the main blades, and only 1/2 or 1/3 transparent, giving the illusion of motion blur…

I’ve never done it, it’s just a thought…

Tnx for the answers guys.

all the things u mentioned i already tried. i thought maby using a pic using photoshop and apply it on a plane.
but i cant get the plane present only the picture (of blur prop).
any toturial for blender 2.49?

ok got it with the textures hope it will work