Can someone render me an animation?

Hey guys, i have found a .blend file on the internet with an intro, but my pc cant run blender. Here you can download the .blend file Can someone change the text and put “Hercules” instead of “Name”, and render it on 1080p, atleast 15000 billrate, and 60 fps? When it is ready, send in on [email protected]. Thanks!

I have searched and the file is made with Blender 2.75 using internal render engine (CPU):

Blender 2.75 should work even on very old computers. You can download Blender 2.75a from here:

(I know the thread is posted in the Volunteer Work section. What I have written is just in case you didn’t know this was done with 2.75 version and you would rather do it yourself)

You can play game, make gaming videos, and can’t render a .blend file?

yeah, my laptop can only run minecraft with lowest settings with max 40 fps and not even the latest version, if i launch the latest version it crashes

okay so the preview isnt working, there is just a gray screen, i can hear sound and i see a movement on the cursor. Bc there is no render button, i used the hotkey so i pressed ctrl + f12 but im getting an message saying “all render layers are disabled”, how can i enable them??check out the screenshoot to see how this version looks like

also the link you sent with the intro is wrong, here is the correct I don think that it is made in 1.75

The file that is downloaded from the link you shared works in Blender 2.75a.
Here’s what it looks like in Blender 2.75a

What is your CPU and GPU models?
If you are on Windows, you try to download Blender 2.75a from “zip” archive to avoid file corruption.

Do you know how to use Blender? If you don’t want to learn how to use it, it is perfectly valid that you ask someone else to voluntarily render it for you, regardless of whether or not your computer can work with Blender.

In the right panel from the first tab (small camera icon), you go to “Output” item and you modify there the folder where you want the render to be saved on your disk. Then you modify the two “NAME” texts by entering Edit mode.
Then from the “Render” menu at the top left in Blender, you choose “Render Animation”.

Again, if you can’t do it or your CPU is very slow, you insist on asking if someone can do it for you.

Cpu is i5 2520m 2nd gen 2.5ghz, gpu is integreated intel hd 300 with opengl 3.1. I am on windows 11. Well, i dont know how to use blender, but i know how to render, i searched for it on youtube. I am now going to try what u said on how to use blender and render, ill tell u if it works or not. Thanks for help

I sent you the download link by private message from this forum. You confirm if you were able to download it. Video is at 30fps as original .blend file. At 60fps it plays back very fast, I don’t think you want that.

Regarding your computer, I think you will have better luck on a Linux distribution to run there up to Blender 2.79b.

ok thanks a lot :smiley: