Can someone see a difference?

Just a quick check: can you see a difference between the 2 vids? If yes, which one is the best to you?

If you know a free way to upload lossless videos fro streaming, I’m open to suggestions

They both look a little noisy to me.

I don’t see a difference.

I rendered with the official setting of 300spp, which is a bit noisy indeed, but it’s good because the noise free versions at 2048spp are perfectly identical. At 300spp, there is a slight difference you can see if you switch very quickly between the 2 versions of the same frame. But my point is to have a rendering that has no noticeable difference to the naked eye in movies.
If even at 300spp you don’t see a difference, then I’m sure about the other spp values and that’s very good news :slight_smile:

I tried to notice the difference, but I think it really is negligible even if noticeable. I did not understand the reason to talk about it being noisy. I think it’s not even too noisy if we ignore the fact that it was not the question. I would even use this level of noise to show visualizations to a client in case I do not have more time to render it longer.