Can someone show me how to create small plants?

Hi guys,

Just wondering if anyone can show me how to create small plants/bonsai type plants, or are there tutorials (for blender 2.6) that teach how to do so? I tried for a while using the Add Tree curve option but with no luck. I couldn’t get a small plant out of the options :frowning:

If anyone could help I would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

normally should be able to do it wiht the add tree addon !

or try some external soft for plant like ngplant or L-tree i think
these can generate all kind of tree shapes then export as obj and import into blender

another way would be to use the new skin modifier
that should help make the branches and you can control the scale at each node along each branches
then convert to mesh and complete the shape

it may take a bit longer but should still be a good way of doing it in 2.6

hope it help


Thanks Ricky!