Can someone teach me how to do this?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Can someone please point me to a beginners tutorial that shows how I can create a nice wooden or shiny floor or ground, with a sky background, and text sitting on the floor or ground?

Thank you :slight_smile:

if you did not already noticed yourself, searching for blender beginners guide on youtube gives you a lot of tutorials :wink:

I can’t find a single youtube video for beginners, which shows creating a nice floor/ground, with a nice background, e.g sky, and with nice 3D text sitting on the floor/ground.

Do you know any?

Can someone please show me how to create this in Blender, for complete beginners?

I would love to create this, with my own text:)

Can anyone help me create walls and floor like in this video, and put TEXT on the floor leaning against the wall?

Wooden floor
Sky Background
Text = Shift+A / Add / Text

Can someone tell me how I can create these walls and floor in Blender? Don’t want the animations stuff, just want to learn how to create 2 walls and a floor like that with TEXT sitting on the floor?

Someone help please?

If you don’t want the animation, just ignore the animation related parts. Don’t expect that a tutorial will teach you exactly what you want to do, exactly the way you want to do it.
The three tuts above should be enough to do what you told us you want to do.

Anyone at all, please create a video for complete beginners how to create this floor and walls? Or something very similar? How to get camera in that position, walls, floor? Not wanting the animation stuff.

I am surprised, that not a single video on youtube, how to create a nice camera angle room with just 2 walls and a nice ground.

For the walls / floor
The default scene when you start blender includes a cube. Select it, go into edit mode (Tab) and select the top and two side faces. Delete them (X) and you now have a floor and two walls
To add a texture watch any tutorial about adding a materials/textures, the principle is the same whether it is a wall, floor, a car or a ginger cat etc
For the camera view. Press Numpad 0 to look through camera. In the camera properties panel set the lens focal length and position the camera to the view you want for rendering. Move the camera as you would move any object.

There are masses of basic tutorials on youtube, just because it doesn’t match 100% what you want, just use your creativity and imagination to adjust as you want. Try, show what you have achieved and we can then give you some pointers to improve

I’m getting a dejavu feeling from this thread…