Can someone tell me how I can make my render look more real

The stove is from Poliigon, the kitchen counter top is 11 kronospan dark concrete from blendfab, the dishwasher is from 3dsky and the rest is from Chocofur. The kitchen cabinets and room were made with the 2.8 Archipack addon.

Hmmm :thinking: Try for example atmospheric lighting and volumetrics. Maybe change background light to a little bit darker ?

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My sun is set at 400 and my world at 40. I will see what I can do with atmospheroc lighting and volumetrics. Thank you apfsbrt

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When you say atmospheric lighting and volumetrics do you mean fog?

For atmospheric lightning this:

For volumetrics I though, that you should add to world volume node and play with density to match a small barely visible fog
Sometimes playing with roughness and specular in materials nodes may give some results

apfsbrt does the video apply to cycles as well. I don’t know if you have seen something called the attic scene. I got it from the website. I will look at the blend and see what I can figure out. I will also see what Gleb says in his videos. Have you seen birdnamnam’s industrial loft. I know he used some really good textures but that is the most realistic scene I have seen. I would really like to use that kind of lighting in my scene. Why does birdnamnam’s scene look so real? Industrial Loft with vintage furniture Can you give me more advice knowing what I want. Thanks

Yes, He have a lot better textures. Did you see a Blender Guru tutorial about interiors? He does it in Cycles, but he’s explaining basics of interior rendering etc. imo

I think a HDRI and some vegetation or urban setting outside would help a lot. No one lives in a spaceship with a blank background. And a very small hint of volumetrics may help indeed.

Your scene looks like it’s lacking normals and small irregularities on the textures; it gives it an unnatural look. Even for the flat surfaces (and perhaps more critically for the flat surfaces), you need good normal maps for giving a grain, a texture of reflection. By example I can’t tell which material the shelves are made of, and it’s enough for triggering the uncanny feeling. Small irregularities give life.

Also, the room is lacking a lamp. Even if it’s daylight, houses do have lamps everywhere. Just turned off.

And last but not least, countertops are generally loaded with knifes, coffeemakers and other utensils. Adding them will give more life te your scene. It makes no sense to have a fully dressed table without any pan in the background. One may argue that it’s not necessary to fill everything, but each time something is missing, the eye becomes more controlling and tries to figure out what’s wrong there.

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