Can someone tell me step by step how to make a simple building fall?

I’ve tried so many times, but my giant building made out of blocks falls down
on the floor as a giant piece and the individual blocks don’t even fall off. It’s as if
it’s freaking glued.

Anyways, I’m just wondering if someone can explain to me step by step what settings I need to have.


I’ve made a plane, this should remain static?

Now, I made a block, and I’m duplicating it and staking it up
one by one. About 50 blocks.

This should be Rigid Body+ Collision Bounds? Correct?

Now, I want to throw a sphere at it and make it fall down.
What settings should the sphere be?
Ignore colors. and I want the building to interact with the surface, I
do not want the building to fall through the surface. Thanks


I started over again, and it seems better now. However, my building does fall down and all the pieces collapse,
but some pieces (only some) go through the ground, how do I fix this?

How do I delete these posts? I don’t want to spam.

just google with Blender physics tutorial