Can someone train me on animations?

Hi ! I’m making a fps shooter game.But i don’t know how to make animations .Can someone help me and teach how to make animations .

With that name you will have hard finding a tutor but i can help you get started, all animators will tell to start with bouncing ball, your first assignment is to open a thread in the wip or focus on critic section of the forum with the title bouncing ball animation assignment 1: try to bounce different type of ball. you can get the free rigged ball from Wayne Dixon blendswap profile :slight_smile: have fun
Once the first assignment is approved we will move on the second :slight_smile:


Can you just show me how to animate a character like jump or dying ? I want to start directly.

Or just explain me the hintkeys i’ll try to do something.( PLS :slight_smile: )

hmmm wasnt more easier to look tutorials for free in youtube??

I don’t know the huntkeys and other things.If i can find someone i’ll ask him why you clicking on this and on other things.

yeah if you are using 2.8 might be changed a bit the animation key shorcuts and stuff related to that…

you don’t need to jump, for now just bounce the ball and we will continue from there. Start the thread in the focus on critic section, if you really need help.

Yeah what others said is legit. You simply change the position of objects and insert keyframes. That’s it. Say for example you have a cube, you insert a frame, then you move the cube a little bit further and then insert another keyframe.

Now it looks like the cube is moving for no reason.

As for example in a scene, you can turn this cube into a story. Say for example there is a sphere standing, and the cube walks by, and suddenly the cube turns and looks, then walks close, looks left and right, then at the camera saying “dunno”.

It looks too much, but you first create the key animation, then the entire gruntwork is adding a little more detail to the movement and cleaning up useless keyframes.

As for example I created this and it took me about 2 minutes. However this is the key animation. The difficult part is about spending the next 20 hours to correct mistakes and make it look more polished. anim_time_troll_time.blend (699.7 KB)

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Sorry, but you cannot “start directly” doing a character jump or die. Animation takes years to master, and you need to start with the simple stuff (that is why animation is a separate job done by specialists). And yes, the bouncing ball is usually the very first exercise. But of course you should need to have a rigged ball first, since you don’t want to animate the geometry of the mesh, but the controls of the rig instead. Good luck.

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Possibly use a VR mocap tool to record the animations or stories and import directly into blender?

Here’s a free tool I created a few months ago.

And I added this new feature just last night:

Even if you use mocap you need an specialist animator to fix all the noises and mistakes that the mocap software generates. That’s what they do in the big studios. That is if you want professional high quality results. If you are not aiming for good quality then I guess it doesn’t matter that much.

I will agree that noise is always a hindrance with mocap (especially for IMUs). However I would not go as far as to label mocap as less than good quality. It depends greatly on the type of motion you are trying to create.

Here’s a video I created from some tests of my software, I have done zero post processing to the mocap. It’s not Hollywood, but it’s free and only took 5 minutes:

Note that each tracker’s motion is smoothed using a real-time ‘3D’ low pass filter that I wrote to remove some of the short lived transients from the IMUs:

That actually looks quite good. As I said there are still many things that an animator would fix (like the hands grabbing the bar, the bending of the arms at some points, the curvature of the spine, the weight intersecting the ground, the facial expression, etc.). Usually Mocap tends to look a bit weighless and floaty. But in general terms that looks quite nice. Very interesting. Good job.

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