can someone translate this?

can someone translate this tut to english ?
i dont get it how to push vertexes to one line, without changing the numerical values one by one.
Here is the example how to do this in one shot.

but its in japanese.


The ‘secret’ is on the next page. You simply select all vertices you want aligned with the b-key, then put the cursor somewhere close to the line you want to align to. Then you use shift-s to bring up the snap menu, and select ‘Curs->Grid’. Then use the dot-key to make any scaling or rotation use the cursor as a reference point. Then use s-key to start scaling, move left to right or vice versa, press middle mouse button to restrict the scaling to the x-axis (frontview). Hold the ctrl key, and scale untill the value in the header bar says x: 0.0, then all points are aligned.

Bear in mind, that if your mesh is rotated to some orientation other than the global x-y-z axes, the ‘align-to-cursor’ method will not work as expected (at least by my experience).

The text in the blue bars says:

  1. First object is read.

2)As in the figure apex of the part which hits to center has not been even. First this is gathered.

3)Pushing the Tab key, the range selective tool (the B key) and the like using entering editing mode, it selects the apex of the center part which we would like to arrange entirely.

4)When apex is selected, before arranging, it brings 3d cursor in position of the central line. Method, the central line being first soon, the left clicks the mouse. Cursor moves to the position where it clicks.

5)So, when it does, the snap menu is produced with the Shift+s, the " > Curs- Grid " is chosen. 3d cursor adheres to the central line with this.

That is, of course, just the first page. Im not entirely sure of the translation since i dont speak Japanese. :o)
If you would like to read the rest, or even translate more text or tutorials, follow this example:

Only thing i forgot to mention in my original message there is that you HAVE to select what the original language was, and then to what language you want it transmorgofied into. :wink: I’ve found this usefull latley as i have discoverd a couple of REALLY cool french 3D tutorials and some really good blender reading.

Anywayz, i hope that helps you.


Blend on, and blend well!!!

I read through the page. They’re taking an interesting approach, but it’s really unnecessary to go through all those steps with the snap-to and everything…

  1. Select the verticies that you want to line up
  2. Hit S to size
  3. move your mouse in the direction perpendicular to the line and hit the middle mouse button
  4. Hold down the ctrl key and move your cursor towards the line until the size display at the bottom of the screen reaches 0. Then left-mouse-click.