Can someone unwrap this?

(Benedicts Forester) #1

This is my first sculpt project ever. I want to bring it into substance painter but I need to unwrap everything first. My computer isn’t strong enough to unwrap the face because it has ~6M tris and crashes instantly when I try to unwrap. Can someone do “smart UV projection” with the face please?
I have nvidia 1060 and 4 gb on it as well as 8gb of ram so it will probably need more than that to do this can someone help me?


First of all show what you’ve got there and secondly think about retopology before unwrapping.

(Benedicts Forester) #3

Oh sorry I thought I already uploaded it
Here is the link:

I will look into retpology

(0rAngE) #4

i was intrigued to see why a model would need 4 mil.
oh boy. just decimate the hell out of it and you’ll be fine.

no offense, honestly i wouldn’t spend much time on this texturing/rendering and such. you sculpted an orc - nice. move on, just keep on sculpting. the more you do it, the better you get :wink:

if you’re really in love with that orc, grab the unwrapped mesh here

(Peter18) #5

When sculpting characters, you generally don’t use the sculpt to unwrap and texture. You would retopologise the dense mesh into something a lot more manageable. You unwrap that mesh, and Bake all of details from your high poly mesh into a Normal Map, and apply it to your new, lower poly count mesh.

Check YT for some retopology videos. It’s quite straight forward, although a basic understanding of half decent topology is still required.

Good luck :slight_smile:

(Vincent) #6

I am not a pro modeler yet, but i find that modeling a base mesh first and unwrapping it, better than sculpting right away, i first model a low poly base mesh(between 15k and 20k) i unwrap it and then make a duplicate for sculpting, again i am still not a pro artist, i am still learning so this method might be old school or useless, have a nice day.