Can standard denoiser spoil an image?

I want to render heavy scene, which my PC can’t handle, so I decided to use render farm. I want to render image in 3k, but I don’t know how much samples it needs to render it without noise, so I just picked a random number (3000) and enabled denoiser. The question: if raw render will be without noise, would denoiser add artifacts to an image?

In my experience, if the noisy image is clean, it’s unlikely that the denoiser will add artifacts.
What render farm are you using? If it supports multilayer exr files, you can render both a noisy and a denoised pass, in case the denoised pass ends up bad.

Thanks! I didn’t know that blender separates noise and denoised passes

I would add all the passes incl cryptomatte passes. I’ve had a case where cryptomatte came to the rescue when materialID failed due to transparency being used. Having the noisy image output also allows you to try out Intel denoiser should the builtin fail.