Can sverchok keep materials and shading of existing geo?

From what I see it operates with vertexes , edges and polygons. But what about UV and vertex normals?
Looks like any opperation with a geo and it turns to just points , no materials , no shading.

Is it how it works . Just want to know before going deeper into it?

Does animation nodes have same limitation?

there is “set custom UV map” node изображение
and material assignation in “viewer mesh”

thanks nikitron. Looks like it can. Still have to admit I don’t understand a thing yet after reading it’s description and usage examples in the help several times. About materials. What about several materials on a same mesh?

ps. about texture coordinates . I managed to get them right with set custom UV fed by “findUV on surface”
but that way I see texture only on initial mesh before I adding copies of same geo with matrix inputs. those copies have same uv . How can I make it work for them too? Something with List nodes?