Can´t assign vertex group to hair in 2.49. Function gone?

Hi guys!

I just tried to assign a vertex group to a particle emitter for hair (as in: the hair is only supposed to grow on the eyebrows, say). I followed a video tutorial on this, where it was accomplished by entering the name of the group in a textfield called “VertGroup” (or similar) under “emit from” in the particle system settings.
Strangely, though, I can´t find the field to put in the name of the group. I only can choose to “emit from” faces or vertices, but I can´t enter a vertex group there.
I am running 2.49, and if I compare my interface with the tutorial, it really does look different there. Has the function moved somewhere else? Or has it been completely replaced? Or am I doing something wrong? I´m fairly new to Blender, maybe I just don´t get it…

Thanks for your suggestions!

We have an in depth manual about particles, so I suggest you take a look at that.

Take a look at the extras panel->Vertex Group


Thanks! Will look at it…

I also am experiencing the problem that Paulion describes. Here are the detailed steps to reproduce (at least on my machine):

  1. Start Blender 2.49a.
  2. Press the Tab key to enter edit mode for the default cube.
  3. Click the Face Select button on the toolbar.
  4. Click the Occlude Background Geometry button on the toolbar.
  5. Right-click the top face of the default cube to select it (and only it).
  6. On the Link and Materials panel, click the New button below the words “Vertex Group”.
  7. Click the Assign button to assign the vertices from the top face of the cube to the new vertex group.
  8. Click the Object button on the toolbar or press F7 to view the Object panels.
  9. Click the Particle Buttons button that has appeared on the toolbar.
  10. In the Particle System panel, click the Add New button.
  11. In the Particle System panel, change the value in the first dropdown from “Emitter” to “Hair”.
  12. In the Extras panel, under the Vertex Group heading, verify that there are only two dropdowns, and no free-entry text field for the vertex group name.

Like Paulion, I wonder if I am just forgetting to do something simple, or if this is a known bug with a known workaround. Thanks…