Can´t import files


I´m new to blender and i want to import .3ds or .obj or other file´s but if I import or open the file´s no one works they all give the error ¨unknown file type error, check console¨ and ¨Loading /… failed, file is not a blender file¨ I only can open .blend file´s
I´m using Ubuntu Linux.

PS: if there´s anyone who did like to export a little chair I have in .obj and .3ds to .blend should that be really nice, you can email me at [email protected].

Piet Verschuren(sorry for the bad English)

Are you going through the import menu?
Cause it sound slike your using the Open menu

I have tried them both(file/import and file/open)

Should work, are you using the right file categroy?
Oh, and .obj has given better results for me, then .3ds files.