Can´t log in with my account

Hello everyone,

today I noticed, that I can´t log in here.

I tried a password reset three times but it dosn´t work.

My girlfriend tried it at her pc at home and everything work how it should.

I hope you can help me out.

Here the main informations:

  • Windows 7
  • Firefox
  • cache deleted
  • broken acc: SomeSilverWings

If you need more informations please tell me.

Thanks for your help.

There doesn’t seem to be anything on our end that would prevent you from logging in. If it works on another PC, but not yours, my guess is that there’s something going wonky with your machine/configuration. Are you using any exotic add-ons in Firefox?


it seems that everything is alright. I found another Thread who someone said that some people cant log in if to many users are online or thomething like that. Maybe that was the case yesterday.

Thanks for your help.

That strikes me as unlikely (or at least odd). I’m glad to see you’re able to log in now, but the fact that you were able to log in with a different account seems to contradict the notion that too many people were logged in.

That said, since the situation appears to be largely resolved, I can merge your other account (the OP) with this one, if you’d like.