can`t move camera in camera view with G-X/Y/Z

just like in the subject. guess well see soon a bug fixed release. I cant imagine not moving camera `till next release :-?

I’m not on my computer at the moment, but I never bother with the G key; what I do is select it, drag a movement line and then press X/Y/Z, I find it’s a lot quicker :wink:

From Daniel

I can`t imagine not moving camera

This happens ONLY in camera view. In every other view the camera can be moved. If you really need the cameraview create an extra 3DView for it and move the camera in the other 3D View.

What I do is to track the camera to an empty, go into camera view, select the camera and use g on it’s own for moving around the tracked point and g,z,z for zooming in and out. Parametric co-ordinates make more sense to me for camera position than cartesian co-ordinates.

You can also just position your 3D view as you like and hit ctrl-alt-0 and the camera will jump to it.

Whatever better ways there are for moving the camera, I always liked moving it from camera view (with x/y/z). So I guess I have to wait for a bug fixed release too.


yes, G-X/Y/Z shortcut is not the only way to move the camera, but just like Sago, I use it very often

Yeah, there’s definitely something messed up with camera view transforms - I even find that with the method I use. The camera likes to zoom in while moving around an object.

I also found out a little quirk, which may help you for the time being. If you add an empty to the scene and select both the camera and the empty, then do g-x,y,z in camera view, the camera moves. Strangely, it doesn’t work if the empty is positioned at the camera.