Can the BGE make an OS

Just random, umm can the BGE be used to make an operating system (OS)? Or Blender in general?

No, blender requires an operating system to run on.

to make an operating system you have to use machine code, often with assembler (I know very very little about it though) something I would definitely NOT suggest you try…

Agreed. The best you could do with the BGE would be a kind of file browser or shortcut launcher. It could interface directly with files and show you some information about them (file path, size, etc), but probably not much more than that (or not much more by default).

An OS provides low level routines that manage resources (different CPU cores, multitasking and resource sharing, memory management and page allocation/deallocation, disk access, etc.)
None of these can be done with Blender or even Python - being itself an interpreted language requiring an interpretor and an OS to run the interpretor on.

It’s amazing how much confidence Blender inspires. c:

I don’t know… While I’m no expert on these things, I imagine it would be possible to create a virtual machine within the BGE on which to run an OS. I would be completely impractical an wholly backward, but if someone with the necessary skills and madness wanted to, they probably could.

Best you could probably do with virtual machines is provide a ‘handle’ to an external virtual machine API (like if you wanted to run VirtualBox, and display the output to a videotexture screen in the BGE). Or maybe if you wanted to make a very, VERY simple OS that doesn’t really deal with page files and such to just have the ‘visual’ portion. But even then, like ManOfSteel mentioned, it still requires another OS to run it, so it’s hardly an operating system by itself.

Yes. Blender Game Engine is capable of creating an Operating System. Within a virtual scope.
Blender itself runs on top of an Operating System, which provides a base off which programs work, through several layers etc…
By emulating the base ideas for a computer in the Game Engine, you are able to build upon that; once you’ve got the core of a computer emulated - rules on processing, hard drive, display, the rest is totally feasible - the rest of the computer complies to these base rules.
Heck, people have created what can be described as computers in MineCraft. And that’s not efficient!

SolarLune, you’re scaring me now! we’re posting on top of each other!

you dont need asembler, for example linux kernel is made almost only in c and there is very little of asembler and its not even necesary I think, but c is also quite low level language.

johannstein - no, you cannot make an operating system entirely in C. There are some things that require assembly.

@at others, a file browser isn’t really an operating system :wink: You can’t make an operating system ON an operating system… that’s not how it works. The second level isnt truely an operating system, just perhaps a layer that adds new things (mostly higher level I guess) to the base operating system you are on. So no you cannot make an operating system with bge, BUT you can make a sort of file browser or new graphics and features to run on top of windows/OSX/Linux/etc

Well, Mokazon, you can make an operating system, but essentially it is layered upon a virtual processor, so it’s not going to be standalone. think of it like playing minecraft in minecraft. It would still be Minecraft, but it wouldn’t work without Minecraft in the first place so it’s useless in some respects:P s

ALL CONFUSING!!! Like honestly, I’m 13. Can it be explained in any simpler sort of vocabulary?

TheKingDweeb - Basicly, you can not make a real operating system with BGE. BUT, you can make a virtual operating system. You could either just have graphics and let windows handle the main OS stuff (like having a file browser connected to your real files) or, you could have everything handled in BGE, which would be a lot of work. You would have to program into BGE how to run programs and stuff. Still confusing? (I just turned 14 btw :P)

Mokazon i thought you were the same age as me? ah well, 16 is veteran in my opinion :wink:

In that case I suggest to read your question again. Could it be that you meant something else?
(look for the definition of OS)

A game is not a OS :wink:

Maybe he means a desktop enviroment(KDE/GNOME/UNITY etc.) in BGE which is possible but very time demanding