Can the C++ Header File 'python.h' Still be Used with Visual C++ 2010?

Hi everyone.

I’m familiar with using C++, including Visual C++ 2010 Express Edition. I just downloaded the source code for the header file ‘python.h’, which supposedly allows one to embedded python script into C++. Does anyone know if the python header will work with VC++ 2010?

I only ask because I don’t want to start programming C++ programs with Python script embedded in the code, only to find the program won’t compile and execute. Just looking to save any trouble before I start work on such a project. :smiley:

Blender is (technically) a C++ program and it embeds python…

I didn’t know that.

Blender is a C program, BGE is a C++ program. In addition, blender embed a full python interpreter, that is different from writing a module in C for python. I actually wrote a module in python, the net is full of tutorial for this and it is trivial, but i have no clue for c++ (maybe externing all as C) nor embedding an interpreter (and i don’t think this is trivial)

I think I was confused - I thought Blender was written in Python. I guess I assumed that because of all the addons and plugins for Blender are in Python. As for Python, I just found out scripts for Vue Pioneer can be written in Python, a 3D landscape program I just learned about within the last few weeks. I still have to learn how to use Vue, but I’m considering learning Python to write a script that will export scenes and objects to Blender. Vue already has an exporter module you can buy, but I’m sure most people aren’t willing to pay 149 dollars for the module, especially in this economic climate. Helps to have alternatives to tools most major companies sell as software.

Blender is a combination of C and C++ which means it gets all thrown together as a C++ program.

That part I know - C commands and functions can be used in C++. Because of some tinkering in C++, I understand how the ‘grammar’ of the programs work. I have yet to learn anything about C#. as well as Python. Right now I’m more concerned with learning Python though. I’m getting an e-reader for my birthday, and I plan to put a few free e-books (in PDF format) on the e-reader, including one that deals with creating Python addons for Blender. Plus, I’m planning to start learning to use the DirectX SDK using C++ coding. Hope to put my Blenders in DirectX games that I want to make (although I have yet to figure out the storylines of the games). Hoping to learn both Python and DirectX, so I’d have more than my skills on CG artwork to fall back on.