Can the camera be made smaller than the window ?


I want the game window to be like this =

(ie the window is wider than the camera)

Now, I could do this with an overlay scene with black Planes, or something like this.

But perhaps it is more efficient to have the window different size than the camera, like in the picture.
(but in the picture the window has been manually resized after launch).

Is it possible ?

Thanks in advance !

theres two resolution values, the first one sets the camera aspect ratio basically. the second one is the game resolution (window size).

why would you need this? im going to figure most would want fullscreen, i being among them.

I do not like forced full screen games. I’d rather play while doing something else, even reading sometimes.
So I’d rather make it windowed and just double click it to go full screen if player chooses so. I will try to also make it remember
the last size used (if it is possible) so that you do not have to resize it every time.

Now, the warrior is driven with the mouse (you swing the mouse and he swings the sword and shield accordingly).
But if the window is small enough, there is not enough room to swing the sword accurately, because when the cursor
goes out the window it does not get detected by the program.
So I need to have a little border left and right and perhaps top bottom, although the vertical movements required
are not as wide or as fast.

This can be bypassed in other ways of course, namely change the conversion factor of the mouse range movement to
warrior movement. I need to experiment with this as well.