Can the emitter collision on surfaces set on for emitter1 but off for emitter2 ?

Hey folks,

I have two emitters and one plane surface. This surface shall reflect (collide) emitter beam 1 but transmit emitter beam 2. Basically a kind of Dichroic mirror where the emitter beam is a laser ray.

Is this possible in blender?


you can do it with collision groups. select your plane surface and create a group by pressing strg + g…name it.
Under the emitter that particles need to collide choose that name under physics> collision group.

btw… to do this particle things in blender is not much fun… dont get to much frustrated when it doesnt work. it should work with trial and error. Saving… clearing caches… and so on. I tested my suggestion it works…should… another thing that should work but doesn`t work is to set the permeabilty of the collison object to 0.5. Maybe not much help but maybe you can get your desired result to work… That blender particles are realy a pain to do in my experience. good luck!