Can the engine support the effect of Doom 3's blood detail?


Could the engine support what was seen in Doom 3, for anyone who has played in the past. This could be more a texture issue, but I imagine they go hand in hand, with lighting. So I could be jumping ahead, knowing there isn’t any game examples with such detail.

Like others stated no actual retail sale game quality is possible. But then there is that Engine game.

Do you mean like the actual stream of blood coming from the enemy or the blood on the screen or the blood on the ground/surrounding objects?

With enough work and artistic talent sure its possible but you have to be specific what you want to achieve not just ‘blood detail’ as this doesn’t mean much.

That is interesting, well it was more of just a question. I certainly don’t need any of that detail. I’ll have a look back at some point at that example.

I’ve just been doing some research on AI enemies, most examples on the video site tend to use the nav mesh. Brick setup examples only for the moment, no actual programming code.

While the Game development book certainly gave the example to get a character walking using the bricks, it doesn’t mention about an enemy scenario.