Can the GE accept hair and fur?

Im fairly new to blender and have done some experiments with hair and fur particle stuff.
However, I cant seem to get the hair to show up in preview mode in the GE.
Is it possible? If so,m what must I do to get it to work?
Thanx heaps in advance blenderheads.

you cant use particle hair, it needs to be a texture

thought that may b the case. Thanx tho 4 the reply. Is it possible to get a good textured hair then?

A crystalspace developer made a nice fur shader recently, I wonder how hard it would be to use GLSL to make one?

It shouldn’t be too hard to make that work. Just make some nice particle hair and “RBG” it, or whatever it’s called. That could make some nice effects on simple hair model.

u can use shift-P to preview stuff.

you can always paint a hair texture with the GIMP or photoshop, or go to they have a hair/fur texture section I think

glsl fur is pretty easy but unfortiunatly you need to be able to do multiple passes of the shader which blender currently doesnt support :frowning: hopefully someone willl be adding that soon.

Atm the best way to do hair is probably to model the hair first and then attach a alpha channeled texture to the geometry. That’s how hair is usually done in games anyway…