Can the GE detect collision while running an IPO ? Solved, yes it can.

It looks like no collision is happening, and Im sure it is. So how do you check for collision while still mobilizing with IPO frames.

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Why not just use a ray?

Well, never thought about it. I just need collision detection to work while an ipo is running, is that possible?

Are you saying rays work while in ipo animation?

I have done a search and not really found anything except collision detection may not be working?

Thanks for the help

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Take a look at the top menu bar in blenderā€¦

add a checkmark by:

Game>enable physics visualizationā€¦

this should tell you more

hmmm, ok, will do. Thanks. I think I did that once and saw nothing, lol. Not in this though.

OK, so everything has a big pink box around itā€¦and one object has green lines. The one Im testing, looks like it has some sort of explosion right away. It goes white lines for a sec and then back to pink.

If those boxes are the edges, they are way to bigā€¦

OH, the object going white shows the movement. Well, that didnt really help as far as I can tell.

How the heck am I going to smash these stupid mice with this stupid club?

Well, if a ray sensor doesnā€™t work on an object running an IPO animation, can you put the sensor on the recieving item?

After reading more of the collision posts, I guess the GE canā€™t handle collision or ray really. It says they might work, and they might freeze. Whats the point then. LOL.

your object should be a convex hull polytope.

if that makes any differenceā€¦

Thank you. I did have them set that way and it does make a difference.

The problem was symantics of how to use the collision block correctly. Collision uses either a material, or a property for detection.

I thought you used the object/mesh name. Once I added a property to the object doing the colliding, and used that property to the object being hit, it worked itself out.

In fact it works great once you know how to do it! LOL.